Wooden Jungle Gyms

Wooden Jungle Gyms for sale in Johannesburg

Wooden Jungle Gyms – The secret of simulating your child’s development in an enjoyable way could be waiting right outside your home.

The benefits of buying a Wooden Jungle Gym are many. Wooden Jungle Gyms are easily integrated into a family lifestyle. They provide quality family fun, without needing to even leave the home. Wooden jungle gyms teach children value skills which they can carry with them into adulthood. Physical, emotional and social skills are just a few of the essential skills that can be learned through a wooden jungle gym, and the best part is that your children are enjoying themselves while their development grows in leaps and bounds.

Most children in this day and age do not get as much exercise as they should. The Wooden Jungle Gym provides parents with the perfect solution to incorporate physical activity into their children’s lifestyle.

Wooden Jungle Gyms develop a child’s imagination which may bring out creativity in all aspects of their life. It teaches them to share and cooperate with siblings and friends, whether older or younger as the wooden jungle gym is appropriate for children of all ages. In addition, the wooden jungle gym can help children conquer some fears they may have such as, the fear of heights. Many children miss out on fun and exciting activities because they are afraid of attempting them. This unfortunately may often carry on to their adult life.

The Wooden jungle gym is an investment unlike any other, it will last for many years. It keeps children entertained throughout holidays and weekends, while developing them in a fun way. Children, as they grow up will share many great experiences with siblings, parents and friends on their wooden jungle gym.

Mzanzi Wooden Jungle Gyms was started by Abel Seleka in 2005 with one aim. To put smiles on the faces of the children of Mzanzi. Since then the company has grown in leaps and bounds. Mzanzi Wooden Jungle gyms have done installations at schools, parks, nurseries, restaurants and 100's of private homes and flats.

Our poles are CCA treated, and instead of pine, only saligna planks are used. The wood is sanded and oiled to prevent any lacerations. Only top quality screws are used to ensure both quality and durability. All hardware and steel is galvanised. The safety of our clients is our top priority.

You can view some of more common Wooden Jungle Gyms on our gallery page. 

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What our clients have to say

"My kids love their jungle gym. I haven't ever seen them play outside as much as they are do now. I'm very very happy"

Sifiso Mbaso

"Johnathan played on the wooden jungle gym for hours at a time. It was the best birthday gift that I ever could have bought for my son."

Bob Nay

"Lydia absolutely loves her Jungle Gym. She especially loves the slide, I have recommended all my friends get one for their kids."

Max Homestead